Cornwall Tree Surgery
Professional Arboriculturalists operating thoughout Cornwall

Tel: 01209 899301 Mobile 07809 640839 
Emergency Service 24hrs 07809 640839

We operate with a 2 million liability insurance and work strictly to the British Standard BS3998,  Everyone here at CTS is fully trained, insured and qualified in all aspects of Arboriculture.

 If you have a 400yr old English Oak or a 10ft Leylandi we can deal with any tree "were one of the best"

References available from our past customers

Services we offer
Emergency Situations
Pollarding, Coppicing, Topping
Crown reductions, crown lifts,
Complete felling and wood removal
Chipping and removal
TPO Applications we have a 100% success rate
Tree surverys
Woodland Management

We are specialists in felling next to houses, sheds and asbestos roofs we have never been beat yet !!
Where required we use pulleys ropes and hoists to bring trees and branches down safley without risk or damage.
(Beware of others that dont offer this service)
If you decide a full fell is required we offer you the option to have a chainsaw carving be it a
high back seat, Mushroom or an angel.